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meet the team.


Bronwen Appel

Co-Founder & Operations Director

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Welcome to the world of streamlined fitness and holistic well-being, guided by Bronwen—a dedicated advocate for simplicity, practicality, and intentionality in fitness. Bronwen's philosophy centers around promoting longevity and health-span, ensuring that her clients not only achieve their physical goals but also prioritize mental well-being as an integral part of their overall wellness journey.

Bronwen is not just a fitness expert; she's a visionary who recognized a gap in Singapore's fitness landscape and co-created a business to address it. Together with her partners, she established a sanctuary for sustainable, longevity-focused movement practices—a haven where individuals could cultivate health and vitality for a lifetime.

With a diverse skill set and a wealth of experience, Bronwen offers a comprehensive approach to fitness that goes beyond mere exercise routines. Her qualifications in psychology, business administration, and specialized coaching certifications equip her to address the unique needs of each individual she works with.

Join Bronwen as she empowers clients to embark on a journey towards sustainable health and vitality, where fitness is not just a temporary pursuit but a lifelong commitment to thriving in mind, body, and spirit.

Discover the simplicity and effectiveness of Bronwen's approach to fitness, where every step is purposeful, every movement intentional, and every achievement celebrated as a milestone on the path to optimal well-being.

Alex Salihin

Co-Founder & Head Coach

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Welcome to the realm of fitness and movement, guided by Alex—a seasoned fitness expert with over two decades of industry experience. Alex specializes in holistic health strategies, particularly beneficial for those aged 40 and beyond.


Recognizing a gap in Singapore's fitness landscape, Alex co-created a pioneering business dedicated to sustainable, longevity-focused movement practices. Together with visionary partners, Alex established a sanctuary where individuals could thrive and achieve optimal well-being through intelligent fitness solutions.

Explore intelligent fitness solutions with Alex's expertise, focusing on injury prevention, effective progress, and sustainable wellness. Consultations with Alex's team members provide tailored insights for achieving long-term health goals.

Discover the foundations of lasting progress: a balanced approach encompassing lifestyle adjustments, stress management, restorative sleep habits, optimal nutrition, and hormonal harmony.

Join Alex & his team, a respected authority in fitness and movement culture, on the journey to improved well-being.

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Shu Ting

Personal Coach

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Welcome to the realm of mindful movement and body positivity, led by Shu Ting—a compassionate movement coach with a keen awareness of trauma and a dedication to fostering a positive relationship with the body. Shu Ting's approach extends beyond mere fitness; she creates a nurturing environment where clients can explore physical and mental challenges while cultivating self-acceptance and body awareness.

Dive into transformative sessions with Shu Ting, where posture correction, breath awareness, and functional mobility are at the forefront. With her guidance, clients embark on a journey of self-discovery, embracing movement as a pathway to holistic wellness.

Join Shu Ting as she empowers you to move with intention and mindfulness, supporting you every step of the way towards a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.


Personal Coach

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Step into the realm of holistic fitness and well-being guided by Dimitri—a dedicated practitioner who harnesses the power of yoga and resistance training to elevate his clients' strength and mobility. Dimitri's mission is to enhance the quality of life for his clients by assisting them in reaching their fitness objectives through a practical and tailored approach.

Drawing on his diverse expertise, Dimitri seamlessly integrates yoga and resistance training to create personalized fitness programs that address both physical and mental well-being.

Join Dimitri on a journey towards improved strength, mobility, and vitality, where the harmonious blend of yoga and resistance training unlocks new levels of physical and mental resilience.

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Personal Coach

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Marta is a firm believer in the powerful connection between the body and mind. With over 10 years of experience as a yoga teacher and nearly 20 years as a practitioner, she is committed to helping individuals transform their physical and mental well-being through movement and breath.


Specializing in yogic breathing practices with roots dating back to ancient times, Marta continues to expand her knowledge and expertise in the field. She is passionate about exploring new forms of movement that contribute to overall healing and strengthening of the body and mind.


In her teaching and coaching, Marta places a strong emphasis on the importance of breath awareness and mindful movement. Her approach is holistic, focusing on integrating mind-body connection for optimal results.


With Marta's expertise and passion for holistic well-being, she is dedicated to guiding individuals on their journey towards improved health and vitality.

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